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Harpy Lapel Pin

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"Odysseus! Come Here! You are well-known
from many stories! Glory of the Greeks!
Now stop your ship and listen to our voices.
All those who pass this way hear honeyed song,
poured from our mouths. The music brings them joy,
and they go on their way with greater knowledge,
since we know everything the Greeks and Trojans
suffered in Troy, by gods' will; and we know
whatever happens anywhere on earth."

Previous translations of Homer have taken care to describe the Sirens in this episode in The Odyssey as seductive femme fatales, luring men to their deaths with their physical beauty as much as with their song. But classicist Emily Wilson points out that the original Greek omits any description of their beauty. Instead her translation offers a far more compelling reason for the danger they pose: the Sirens' song promises forbidden knowledge of the fate of the Greek heroes' fallen comrades, knowledge that drives men insane with the need to hear it.

Today sirens are thought of as mermaid like beings, but originally they were depicted as birds with the head and breasts of women, monsters we know as Harpies.

Harpy Lapel-pins:

1.5" tall, with a 4" connecting gold chain.

Hard enamel with gold plating.

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  • 1 set of Harpy Lapel Pins, shipped to you in a protective envelope.

  • 1 set of Harpy Lapel Pins, shipped to you in a protective envelope.
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Harpy Lapel Pin

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